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Mystery Babylon Exposed

"All Roads Lead To Rome"
2012-12-9" Listen here
"The Council of Trent And The Jesuit Order"
2012-12-16 Listen here

"Pope Benedict XVI Celebrates 200th
Anniversary in America" 2012-12-23
Listen here
"JFK Exposes The Unseen Hand"
Part One&Two 
2012-12-30  2-13-1-3
Listen here

Catholic Founding Fathers-The Carroll Family

2013-1-6  Listen here

The Revolutionary War:
"How America Became A Jesuit Enclave"
2013-1-13  Listen Here

"Connecting the dots with the Global Jesuits"
2013-1-20  Listen Here

Jesuit foot soldiers of the NWO
 2013-2-3 Listen Here

"Why we are all Catholics Now"
2013-2-3 Listen here
Which Box Do You Belong To?
  Listen Here

Which Box Do You Belong To? Part Two
2013-2-17 Listen here
Part One Ecclesiastical Megalomania
2013-3-3  Listen Here

Part Two Ecclesiastical Megalomania
2013-3-13  Listen Here
Unmasking the Jesuits
  Listen here

Unmasking the "New World Order"
  Listen here

"Washington In The Lap Of Rome, 1888"
by Justin Dewey Fulton
Part One  2013-2-22 Part Two 2013-2-23 Part Three 2013-2-24

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"All Roads Lead To Mystery Babylon"

Part One 2013-1-2 Part Two 2013-1-9 Part Three 2013-1-16

Part Four 2013-1-23 Part Five 2013-1-30
Part Six 2013-2-6