The Jesuits vs the Crypto-Jew argument?

Listen to "Johnny Cirucci: Jesuits and Crypto Jews" on Spreaker.
Who are the Crypto Jews? Did they guise as Catholics as proposed by essays to infiltrate Vatican and control the Roman Church through the Jesuits, or do the Jesuits have reign on them? In his manner of naming names, places, and dates, Johnny shows us the affiliation of the powerful agencies and people in them. The Jesuits vs the Crypto-Jew argument is addressed.

Let's look at the Crypto Jew issue.  Are the Jesuits crypto Jews or the Jews crypto Jesuits?   Johnny explains this with dates and names.   Listen to the broadcast and let the facts answer the question.

Are the Jews educating the Jesuits or is it the other way around?
Are the Jesuits educating the Jews?